The Facts About Earth's Problems

And how we can help fix them

Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity, the web of life that we depend on is being destroyed. We are losing plants and animals so fast we have crossed the biodiversity planetary boundary, threatening ecosystem collapse.

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Water and Food Security

Water scarcity has already created millions of climate refugees and even armed conflict. Producing the expected amount of food by 2050 is simply not possible without a major change in diet.

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Global Warming from Methane

Current atmospheric levels of methane will push Earth into dangerous warming, even if carbon dioxide emissions are stopped entirely. The largest source of methane is animal agriculture.

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Climate Change

Dangerous climate change is already upon us, in the form of extreme weather and more intense, extended fire seasons, with a lot worse to come.

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Forest destruction and degradation produces a fifth of global greenhouse emissions. Agriculture, particularly for livestock feed and pasture, is by far the greatest forest destroyer.

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Half the world’s original topsoil has been lost and a third of arable land is degraded. The solution lies in the way we farm and what we produce.

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Fishing has wiped out one species after another to satisfy our insatiable appetites. The billions of dollars spent on fishing subsidies equate to more fishing capacity than there are fish in the ocean

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Ocean Warming & Acidification

The oceans are dying. Oceans provide half the oxygen we breathe. Greenhouse gases are making the oceans warmer and more acidic destroying coral reefs and many marine ecosystems.

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Most of the nitrogen applied to crops becomes waste and pollution, creating lifeless waterways, toxic tides, and hundreds of permanent ocean dead zones. Livestock concentrates nitrogen waste.

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